Involved longer than most

I have been involved in the community longer than most.  I have attended council meetings and community events since the 1980′s.  I offered testimony encouraging the City to purchase land for parks early on in the 80′s before we ever heard of those currently on council.  I have attended our community meetings on Growth Management and many other community events.  Those who believe that electing some new folks will somehow jeopardize the stability of Camas are using scare tactics that have no foundation.  I have been a resident of  Clark County and Camas for decades!  My wife Carol and I have raised our family here and have owned our property before we were annexed into Camas.  I worked for the City of Camas for over fifteen years and have been instrumental in many changes for the betterment of our community.  My wife Carol has taught in the Camas School district for many years.  I served on the Grass Valley Park design committee, the Region Transportation Council, I was a volunteer firefighter and first responder, and we have been active in boy scouts, and many other volunteer activities.  I have a insider view of the politics of Camas.  Having felt the sting of the abuse of power for speaking out against unfair practices and crony capitalism.  I will continue to stand for what is right and fair!

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