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Ken for Clark County Freeholder

Vote for Ken Kakuk Clark County Freeholder

No tolls

No I do not want to pay tolls!  I believe that what is most important is that the elected officials listen to our Vote!  How often have we passed new legislation just to see it shot down in the legal system and watered down by the lousy implementation.  We cannot continue to make more and […]

Just the facts please!

It has become evident that we do not get the truth!  We get told what the press and elected want us to know so they can continue pushing their agendas.  We cannot make informed decisions because we are never told the truth!  The truth about the law, the truth about the legal system, the truth […]

Your thoughts are the most important

I have had many inquiries about my thoughts on the Columbia River Crossing.  I have actively voiced my concerns about the cost of the project and the tactics used to push an agenda on the citizens of Clark County.  Clark County has voted down light rail.  We have said no time and time again.  Our […]

Time for a new perspective

Our government is out of control.  Taxes are increasing constantly and it seems that our elected do not care how this impacts our lives.  Elected officials need to look for ways to improve efficiency and the cost effectiveness before raising our cost of living.  Unfortunately that would require them to admit that things could be […]